Plans for Windy Standard Wind Farm would see 36 turbines replaced with nine taller ones producing the same amount of energy.

The firm, which operates the wind farm, is seeking the public’s view on how best to reuse the old turbines.

Windy Standard 1 is located 10km south of New Cumnock, it has been operational for 25 years. The turbines onsite measure roughly 50 metres tall. The new ones proposed would be roughly 200 metres in height.

Fred Olsen Renewables wants to bring forward a unique concept for the local area focusing on sustainability and creativity. Suggestions include converting the decommissioned turbines into glamping pods, a skate park, or a climbing wall.

The company is inviting the public to view an exhibition and give their views on the plans, which presents early stage concepts for repurposing the decommissioned turbines, before they are submitted.

Miles McConville, project manager, said: “We are really excited about the opportunities that our proposals to repower Windy Standard Wind Farm present.

“Our exhibition presents a variety of options for re-using the turbines, ranging from climbing walls to playparks and cattle troughs to glamping pods.

“We want to work with the community to explore these ideas further, learn about what they would like see delivered locally.”