A Scottish YouTuber has captured saddening footage of the Dark Sky Observatory in its current state, just a fortnight after it was burned to the ground in a devastating fire.

Robert, whose channel Windswept Robert boasts over 2,000 subscribers and tens of videos shot in other popular Ayrshire locations such as Glenbuck Loch and Dumfries House, returned to the site in Dalmellington where he had filmed just a few months previous to update viewers on the fire which has left the local community crushed.

"Today I’m filming a video that I didn’t ever believe I’d have to film, and quite frankly I wish I didn't have to film this one", Robert says initially, and as the footage rolls on, it is easy to see why.

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Sending his drone back up over where the Dark Sky Observatory once stood on a hill overlooking the Craigengillan Estate, audiences can see what once was an attractive wooden structure now reduced to rubble and ash - charred black from June's blaze and cordoned off with fencing as police investigations remain ongoing.

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“The area around here is still absolutely beautiful, but what a devastating blow”, Robert says before adding, “I think that’s enough that my heart can take at the moment."

The video has amassed over 2.5k views in the last week, perhaps pointing to just how taken aback and curious people are to see what has become of the Observatory after the incident.