A SERIOUS pollution incident which put fish in danger at the River Ayr in Catrine on Friday is being probed by authorities.

Ayrshire Rivers Trust (ART) attended the site immediately after concerns were raised on June 11 when cement-like products entered the water as a result of work undertaken by contractors to fix a sewer pipe which was in partial collapse.

The potential impact on the fish population is yet to be determined but ART manager, Stuart Brabbs, confirmed that “visual inspection revealed some impact”on the animals.

He said: “A sewer pipe runs through the dam which was in partial collapse. Action was being taken to prevent further pollution and as a result of contractors’ actions, there has been a pollution incident on the river.

“We are about to conduct investigative surveys to determine the potential impact on the fish population although visual inspection revealed some impact.”

In the meantime, anglers are being asked not to remove dead fish from the water but instead to contact ART so they can attend to gather evidence.

If anyone removes dead salmon or sea trout, ART advises that they are breaking the law and ruining evidence that could otherwise be essential if further action is required.

They have also assured that their concern lies only with invertebrates and fish entering the water, not with mammals or other animals.

A SEPA spokesperson added: “SEPA was made aware of a pollution incident that took place on Friday, June 11 at the Catrine Weir on the River Ayr.

“Officers attended and the discharge had stopped. Investigations are ongoing to assess the impact.

“We would like to take this opportunity to encourage anyone that is concerned about a potential pollution incident to contact our 24-hour pollution reporting line as soon as possible. This can be done through our online form at www.sepa.org.uk/report.”