A NEW initiative has been launched which will connect suppliers and job seekers with local opportunities at wind energy and construction projects in the New Cumnock area.

Managed by the New Cumnock Development Trust (NCDT), the New Cumnock Local Jobs and Business Register will allow local businesses and individuals to register for updates from projects.

Wind energy and construction projects will be able to keep local people and businesses updated on new opportunities, including job vacancies, procurement openings and tendering processes.

Susan Kerr, Chair of NCDT said: “Coal sustained many of the communities around the New Cumnock wind cluster in the past, and now onshore wind is stepping in to replace coal as a national energy source. While the new projects will not provide the scale of employment opportunities that the coal industry did, efforts should be made to maximise the value that these schemes bring to communities, whenever that is practical.

“The Register is seeking to highlight opportunities, help make connections and publicise these successes.”

Fore more, visit www.ncbusinessregister.co.uk