An eight-year-old girl from Mauchline who was “born with long hair” is braving the hairdressing scissors next month so that her lengthy locks can be donated to the Little Princess Trust.

When Frankie Torrance decided that she needed a chop after lockdown, her mum suggested that other children her age may benefit from a wig made of her hair.

She will now be supporting the charity that provides real hair wigs to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment - turning her mini makeover into an act of kindness.

On July 5, Frankie and her mum will head to All about you by Naomi Campbell in Kilmarnock to have her hair cut shoulder length and the Mauchline PS pupil is hoping to raise £550 in the process to fund one whole wig for a child in need.

Cumnock Chronicle:

Proud mother-of-five, Leanne, said: “With the heat at the moment she’s fighting with her hair and saying it’s annoying her. All her little brothers have got their hair cut but it’s harder to get a hairdressing appointment so I said to her, why don’t you wait to fundraise to get it cut?

“I was showing her videos online and the Little Princess Trust Facebook page and I said, these are little boys and girls your age that have lost their hair due to illness. While you don’t want your hair anymore, these children would be over the moon to wear your hair. I showed her some videos of kids receiving the wigs, too, and she became very emotional. She couldn’t understand how this could happen to kids as young as her.

“She said, mum, can I do it again after I grow it back out? She said she would do it every year to keep giving them hair. When she applied for the fundraising pack, she was reading the information and was shocked to see one wig is £550. She said if she cuts off enough hair to warrant a wig, she wants to fundraise to make one child happy.”

Cumnock Chronicle: Frankie and her little brother.Frankie and her little brother.

Frankie’s mum said the schoolgirl is still grappling with the thought of having 12 inches cut off her beloved locks but that she is excited to do it for a fantastic cause.

She continued: “She was born with long hair. She used to have bunches in at three months old, she was like a wee Pebbles Flintstone. This is a big shock to her but she needs it.

“Frankie got balloons blown up for the day in the hairdressers and we’ll have a celebration when she gets home. Naomi’s also got a fundraising box in the salon and Frankie’s grandad has got a sponsor sheet in his work in Glasgow.

“I’m very emotional about it. Her hair is her, but she’ll always grow it again. I’m so proud of her that that’s her hair and that’s what she’s decided to do with it.”

Cumnock Chronicle:

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