A 'sinkhole' which appeared on a street in Drongan over the weekend is sparking some concern after it has 'almost doubled in size since Sunday'.

A resident discovered the hole, which appears to have formed after part of the concrete pavement collapsed into itself, at the back of The Schaw Kirk on Cairnston Avenue.

The woman was conscious that elderly people or parishioners may be walking near this part of the road and so contacted the council to flag the defect up.

East Ayrshire Council has confirmed that Ayrshire Roads Alliance attended the site today and work will be carried out 'as a matter of urgency' to make the area safe.

Cumnock Chronicle:

The resident said: "Kinda hard to miss but anyone walking up by the back of the church at Cairnston Avenue, watch this big sinkhole type thing! It’s almost doubled in size since Sunday. Right in the middle of the path, it’s like it’s collapsing in on itself. Took a photo next to my foot for comparison.

"I’ve reported it to the council as someone could get a right sore one if their foot goes down it.

"I first noticed it on Sunday but it was only small and I didn’t think anything of it. Then saw it again yesterday (Tuesday) and it had doubled in size. A lot of people seem to think the fact that Drongan was built so close to the mines that the mine shafts have something to do with it. 

Cumnock Chronicle:

She added: "I was just wanting to make people aware of it. Didn’t want any elderly people having a fall, especially since it’s right next to the church."

An East Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: "The Ayrshire Roads Alliance has attended the site and undertaken an inspection. Work will be carried out to make this area safe as a matter of urgency and repairs will be undertaken."

Emergency faults, like sinkholes, should be reported to the council by calling 0345 724 0000.