Jimmy McGhee's collection of Mauchline Ware will go under the spotlight in an episode of the Antiques Road Trip airing on BBC One tomorrow afternoon.

Jimmy's 650-piece collection has been acquired over the course of about twenty years.

He first started collecting pieces for a friend, but he came across an item too good to hand over and so begun his own collection.

All the pieces in his collection are said to be older than 100-years-old. 

David Harper of the show will take a look at a sample of Jimmy's collection, which includes boxes, books, poetry, and lots of Burns pieces all made in Mauchline between 1790 and 1939 when Mauchline Ware was a much-sought after item.

Jimmy told us David was very surprised at the sheer size of his haul of Mauchline Ware. Jimmy said: "He was amazed at the size of it, I had maybe about 300 pieces on show and they took a fair number of the best pieces and examined them."

The programme was recorded at the Heritage Museum in Cumnock back in October and Jimmy described how strange the experience was, given all the COVID restrictions they had to follow: "It was quite strange because we had to social distance and before the cameraman could take his shots he had his tape out measuring two metres... They weren't messing about they knew it had to be axactly two metres. So we set up a fairly large round table and David sat at one end and I sat at the other."

The programme will air at 4.30pm tomorrow (May 13) on BBC One.