And so after 122 long days since we were placed into a level four lockdown on Boxing Day, we have emerged from hibernation and life as we once knew it took tentative steps towards resuming.

We popped down to Cumnock on Monday, April 26, as cafes, bars, and restaurants opened their doors to customers once again.

We snapped many happy punters in the beer garden outside at the Dumfries Arms. The weather could have been better, but that didn’t stop these customers from becoming the first to order a cold one from the bar at the hotel.

With temperatures barely into double figures it was a bit fresh but most didn’t care, saying they were just so happy to be able to get a proper drink for the first time in so long.

Elsewhere, in the Square, at the Victoria Bar by mid afternoon the terrace was nearly full, one punter said to us: “It’s good to have hospitality back, they’ve been hit really hard throughout the pandemic.”

Below are some snaps of the happy customers. All photos by Charlie Gilmour:

Cumnock Chronicle: Dumfries arms back in business.Dumfries arms back in business.

Cumnock Chronicle: Pals David Milligan and David Gillius.Pals David Milligan and David Gillius.

Cumnock Chronicle: Darryl McClure and Fraser McDonald.Darryl McClure and Fraser McDonald.

Cumnock Chronicle: David and Elizabeth Conquer.David and Elizabeth Conquer.

Cumnock Chronicle: And let's not forget these heroes: Calum Kelly, Ross Wilson, Caitlin Stakim, and Nicola Hair.And let's not forget these heroes: Calum Kelly, Ross Wilson, Caitlin Stakim, and Nicola Hair.

As well as pubs, bars, and restaurants, gyms and swimming pools, non essential shops, museums and libraries, and close contact services such as nail-salons and tattoo parlours were allowed to reopen.

Travel between Scotland, England and Wales is permitted once more as well.

International travel remains prohibited, but from Monday holiday accommodation across Scotland was allowed to start welcoming guests, so there are plenty of options for staycations.