THROUGHOUT Ayrshire we are lucky to have an abundance of beautiful spots to enjoy the wonderful weather currently being enjoyed across the region. 

And there is seldom a better way to end your day than watching the sun disappear behind Arran, Ailsa Craig or just vanish into the horizon. 

Luckily, we have pulled together just some of the best spots you can visit to watch, and capture, the sun going down - especially now we are able to travel to other council areas. 

Some of these may be on your doorstep, some a bit further afield but one thing is for sure, they are all worth visiting.

Sunset in April is currently around 8.40pm so plan in advance if you are heading to catch the last of the rays. 

Below we have listed, and included what you might see, at these spots. 

Ardrossan North Shore

Cumnock Chronicle:

Sharon Dalgoutte's image shows the incredible colours nature can offer. With plenty of parking on offer and a vast beach, why not head down with your friend or furry friend to this tranquil spot? 

Cairnmount Hill, Eglinton Park

Cumnock Chronicle:

The Isle of Arran in all it's glory can be seen from this spot. If you are enjoying a stroll through the fantastic Eglinton Park, why not visit the 'five stones' for that vista and enjoy the best of North Ayrshire? (Photo: David McHallam)

Dumfries House Estate, Cumnock

Cumnock Chronicle:

There are plenty of spots around the estate to watch the sun go down. Sharon Blackmore has captured it wonderfully here. Where will you go?

Dunure Shore

Cumnock Chronicle:

We are not sure we need to say much more. Elaine Pringle's photo speaks volumes.

Girvan Beach 

Cumnock Chronicle:

Paddy's Milestone towers over the view and isn't it just majestic? This shot from Joanna Gemmell just makes you stop and think. Head to Girvan for arguably the best views of Ailsa Craig on offer. 

Irvine Harbourside

Cumnock Chronicle:

Irvine's bustling Harbourside is a hive of activity with coffee shops, runners, walkers and sun-seekers making it one of the go to places in Ayrshire. And with views like this captured by Jeanette Picken, it isn't hard to see why.

Loudoun Hill

Cumnock Chronicle:

Out east in Darvel is probably the most physically challenging place to visit but with views like this, why wouldn't you see what Loudoun Hill has to offer? Captured wonderfully by Neil Given. 

Newton Shore

Cumnock Chronicle:

Another beach, another sunset. They can look the same but offer so much difference. Why not give Newton Shore a chance? Photo by Catherine Miller. 

Portencross Castle

Cumnock Chronicle:

Up there with the most popular picnic spots, Portencross offers something new every time you visit. Why not take a drive down and see what you are missing out on? Kyle Hargreaves captured the sun setting just behind the castle. 

Seamill Beach

Cumnock Chronicle:

In between Ardrossan North Shore and Portencross, Seamill Beach offers a slightly more secluded vista, and as Peter Ribbeck shows, you might even be welcomed by some feathered friends. 

The Dragon, Irvine Beach

Cumnock Chronicle:

If you haven't been to see the dragon, why not? Fred Jones shows here just why you should. With Arran and Ailsa Craig on the Horizon, your possibilites here are endless. 

Troon BeachCumnock Chronicle:

Last but by no means least, Troon Beach. Just look at those colours. Mary Ann Stell was lucky to capture this shot, will we see a sunset like this tonight? Only one way to find out...