An Early Years practitioner is virtually walking the length and breadth of Britain to raise money for Milas Fund – a fund that was created to help Bedlington terriers in crisis.

Lynne Irwin-Farrell and her own Bedlington terrier, Buster, are walking the equivalent of John O’Groats to Land’s End to raise money for pooches of the same breed who may be facing hardship and even death both here and abroad.

It comes after Milas Fund successfully saved one Bedlington, aptly named Hope, from a meat market in China last year, with aspirations of doing the same with Faith and Promise – another two dogs who are in a similar quandary but have been unable to be fly due to COVID setbacks.

The Mauchline woman said: “Milas Fund was set up after a dog Mila had been attacked in her home. Burglars broke in and attacked the dog so the fund was set up for rehabilitation. From there it grew for the Bedlington terrier community and terrier crosses.

“It’s great that the fund’s there to support them because no dog should have to suffer and owners shouldn’t be at their wits end not knowing what to do.

“I used it last year to help Buster so I know the benefit of what it does for dogs. Buster had cysts and sores that were in close proximity on his backside. They got taken off last year so now he can sit and stretch out properly. It was the Fund that did that so I always swore that I’d help them as much as they helped me.”

Lynne is also blogging the whole affair, meaning donors can follow along on the journey with her and Buster as they make their way round the village.

She added: “It’s a good way of saying we’re here to help everyone.”

You can donate via Paypal, with any monies sent to