Scottish Water workers say they are battling the elements across the country to ensure they maintain normal services to customers or restore them as quickly as possible if there has been disruption.

Staff are working around the clock in challenging weather conditions – with heavy snow and temperatures as low as -17C – to keep water supplies to customers running and waste water network operating normally.

It comes after areas such as Catrine have been blighted by water supply issues in the past two months, with the most recent being a burst main near to Whiteflat Farm on the B713.

Scottish Water say in the last week alone, the number of burst water main repairs carried out has doubled compared with normal levels at this time of year.

In some parts of the country where bursts on water mains or pipes have occurred, or intake pipes at reservoirs have become frozen, the company have tankered water into the local networks to ensure customers’ supplies are not disrupted.

In parts of the country where burst water mains have threatened normal supplies, they have rezoned the local networks and put backfeeds in place to avoid any disruption or inconvenience to customers.

Kes Juskowiak, Scottish Water’s Water Operations General Manager, said: “Like all essential public service providers, the weather is certainly making our job more difficult but we are doing absolutely everything possible to ensure normal supplies are maintained wherever we can.

“We are experiencing a number of very challenging circumstances but Scottish Water is rising to those challenges and our dedicated and determined staff are using all the resources, equipment and technology available to ensure that, wherever possible, it’s business-as-usual for our customers.”