Congratulations to Aneta and Leszek, owners of the Top Dexter Cafe in Muirkirk who

are celebrating 10 years in business.

The couple first opened up their doors to customers on February 11, 2011 and ten years later they’re a fixture of the local community.

Aneta said that the celebrations will most likely be limited to just a drink between herself and her husband, at least until lockdown restrictions are relaxed.

Aneta and Leszek moved from their native Poland 17 years ago and spent time in other locations around the UK.

They finally settled down in Muirkirk 10 years ago, when after losing their jobs in East Kilbride after the closure of the factory where they worked, they decided to move to East Ayrshire and open the Top Dexter Cafe.

They’ve been operating a takeaway service out of their premises on Main Street, throughout the entirety of the pandemic, so as not to confuse customers with ever-changing rules, says Aneta.

Despite the obvious difficulties posed by the pandemic, Aneta did not grumble.

She said: “We can’t complain, we’re quite lucky really.

“We’ve done takeaway throughout and our customers have been good to us.

“Muirkirk’s a nice bit of countryside, the people are really lovely.

“We are very grateful to our customers to all the people in the village for supporting us all through these years.

“And to all those people who haven’t come in to visit us yet, we hope you will come at some point in the next 10 years.”