Congratulations to Lynda and John Campbell from Muirkirk, the winners of our Valentine’s Day Special competition.

We asked lovebirds across East Ayrshire to send us their declarations of devotion for one another.

And Lynda’s message about how her husband John has helped her through the recent death of her father from COVID really touched our hearts.

Lynda said: “I have been very fortunate to have John while coming to terms with the sudden death of my dad due to COVID-19.

“He gives me reassurance and space when I need it, and I appreciate him more now than ever.”

The couple first met in March 2007, during a night out and Lynda says they “have never strayed from each other’s side” since.

In 2008, they had their first son, followed by a daughter in 2010 and second daughter in 2013.

The couple said: “Our children are our world and we do everything we can to make each other happy so our children grow up in a happy home.”

They were married in 2016 and this May they will celebrate their fifth anniversary together.

Thirty-two-year old Lynda is a childcare worker and husband John, 41, is a lorry driver.

As a result of their jobs they’re often forced to spend time apart, but this hasn’t weakened their bond.

Lynda said: “Both of our jobs take us away from home and each other quite a bit but we always make time for each other, be it a few phone calls during the day”

And Lynda hopes the pair will have many more years of happiness together yet, saying: “I hope in many years to come we are still as happy as we are now, following all the dreams we have had made, and thankful for having had each other.”

Lynda and John are but one example of the loving relationships here in our communities and we’re sure there are many others out there.

Valentine’s Day has now passed but we’re still keen to recognise the devotion people across East Ayrshire show to one another, whether in a romantic relationship or not.

So here’s to all the kind, caring people in our neighbourhoods.