A singer in Catrine has wowed locals by belting out a heartfelt classic across the village Square on New Year’s Eve to comfort those bringing in the bells alone.

Vivien Scotson took to her living room window on Hogmanay to perform a rendition of ‘How Long Will I Love You’ by the Waterboys in the hopes of reaching those who were feeling lonely, bereaved or downtrodden as they said goodbye to an arduous year.

The 39-year-old, originally from Sutherland, left her crofting life in the highlands to settle in Catrine so that her son, Duncan, nine, could receive better support after being diagnosed with autism two years ago.

Cumnock Chronicle: Vivien and son Duncan.Vivien and son Duncan.

Since arriving in the town, Vivien says she has been heartened by the kindness of locals and, after dedicating her life to saving the small family croft land that had been in her family since the Highland clearances, wanted to do something that would shift focus on to her singing ambitions.

Vivien said: “We moved to this friendly, humble village because there was no support for my son in the rural highlands. Although I miss our crofting life dearly, a burden has lifted, because my son is so much happier now.

“I have the school here to thank, and the caring folk that live here.

“I was on my own for New Year’s Eve, and as I have no TV signal, I decided just to spend the entire day spring cleaning the house. I turned the hoover off at about 11.30pm, and wondered what I could do to celebrate the New Year coming in on my own.

“I realised that if I sang out my window just before midnight, then that would mean I technically was not on my own. I thought it might help comfort anyone else in the square that was also on their own and missing loved ones like I was.

“So although I was very nervous, I opened my window and set up my amplifier and pointed it out to the square.

“I decided to sing the Waterboys song as I could personally relate to it, but felt many others might too.

“I guess it’s a song to share your love to those that you may or may not be able to be with. It’s a hopeful song, about love.”

Cumnock Chronicle: Duncan.Duncan.

And as the clock struck twelve on New Year’s Eve and Vivien’s voice rang out across the square, there was no telling whether the mystery singer had been rumbled.

The woman confessed: “I don’t know if anyone heard me on the night, as I closed my window right after I stopped singing. I felt pretty nervous. I think I heard someone’s front door opening and closing though.

“I filmed it on Facebook live, and decided to share that video with villagers on the local Facebook page, hoping that I hadn’t bothered anyone by the singing.

“I was touched to get such a warm response from so many people in the community. It’s given me the push and support I needed to post my album CDs out to radio stations once and for all.”

Vivien’s music is available on Bandcamp, YouTube, Amazon and iTunes or by visiting www.VivienScotson.co.uk