A vehicle became trapped on the ice today along the same road which saw three lorries stranded for hours at the end of December.

The lorry cab from William Pollock Haulage Contractors was caught out by the wintry conditions on the road between Cronberry and Auchinleck/Cumnock earlier on today.

The well-prepared driver was not stuck for long however as handily, he had salt with him to de-ice the surface of the road.

Local residents also came to the rescue with salt of their own.

On December 28, three lorries and a milk truck were stuck along the road for hours and were only able to move on when a gritter arrived to give them support.

Local man Mark, who lives nearby, said: "Yet another lorry stuck, this time at the Auchinleck-Cumnock-Cronberry junction.

"Not a lot of snow, less than an inch, but the build up of ice lethal! No gritters since the removal of the mass road block featured by CC."

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance have said that the road is a Priority 2 road, meaning that it is to be "treated as resources permit when sub-zero temperatures are forecast to continue to last beyond midday, following completion of Priority 1 routes."