Councillors have  blocked proposed multi-million pound budget cuts for roads and education in East Ayrshire.

East Ayrshire Council is facing an £8.9 million shortfall for April 2021 to March 2022.

The services which faced cuts included education, Ayrshire Roads Alliance and facilities and property management, among others.

The pre-budget strategy update was presented at a full council meeting.

Officers said the proposed £8million savings across council departments and health and social care were “management actions” and “will not impact on current service levels or changes to existing council policies.”

But the proposed budget cuts were rejected after 17 councillors voted against them. They included Labour, Conservative, Rubbish Party and Independent politicians.

Labour councillor John McGhee (Annick) revealed the education department’s core support team  was set to lose 12 full-time staff positions.

Cllr McGhee said: “Some of the core support team help the most vulnerable in our schools. These decisions will impact our communities. We like to say we serve them – then let’s serve them.”

The final budget will be determined early next year.