Sorn Parent Council have pulled off another successful seasonal village trail – this time organising a 12 Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt for local kids.

Following the success of a similar event held at Hallowe'en, the Sorn community showed up yet again to make sure that Christmas, a time usually defined by parties, fayres and get-togethers, remained special for pupils at Sorn PS.

This time, the festive hunt was backed by local businesses including Sorn Castle, The Sorn Inn, UK Safety Mats, artist Elaine Johnston and The Bridge Café and The Cotton Trail in Catrine, who all pitched in to ensure the kids did not go without.

Zoe Lianne, Parent Council Member, explained: “We asked the kids at the school to paint the different stages of the 12 days of Christmas so three French hens and things like that.

"They did an amazing job and their posters looked beautiful.

“I asked round the village for people to put the posters up then I got someone to make up a list of the 12 days of Christmas for the trail as so many houses wanted to take part.

“Kids walked round the village and ticked the signs off their list then when they handed it in the end, they got a selection box.”

The trail was held over a week so as to to allow kids time to enjoy their walk,

take in some fresh air and navigate their way round

the village at their own


Zoe continued: “Hallowe'en was a complete success and so many kids wanted to take part but on the night the weather was awful, the rain was coming in sideways and everyone got soaked.

“They had smiles on their faces regardless but we thought for the Christmas one we’d give them a week to do it so they could do it over a few days or during the day if they didn’t fancy going out at night.

“For the Hallowe'en trail, Nisbet butchers sponsored us so the kids could get sweeties at the end so we got sponsorship this time too.

“It’s unfortunate that we went straight into Level 4 after Christmas but most companies we asked were really up for helping. Sorn is a small community but a lot comes from it.”

“With 2020 being so rubbish, a lot of people

were willing to go the extra mile.”