A NEW self-service vending machine for fresh, pasteurised milk has opened up at Lochhill Farm between Cumnock and New Cumnock.

The service welcomed its first customers on Christmas Eve.

It is provided by farmer Brian Young as a way to sell produce in the local community and reduce the carbon footprint of his business.

The milk, which is whole and pasteurised, is £1.50 a litre and can be bought in any amount the customer wishes. The vending machine issues change if the customer does not have the correct amount.

Customers will need a bottle, at a one off cost of £2. The idea is for the same bottle to be used again and again, thus reducing waste.

Beforehand, Brian sold all his milk to a company in Manchester, but this way he’s ensuring locally produced milk, gets to local people, cutting out middlemen and reducing travel emissions.

The 32-year-old farmer, whose family have tended the land for more than 100 years, said: “More than a year ago we started planning for this. We want to be environmentally friendly, cut out the plastic, it’s all about emissions and plastic. With the vending machine we’re cutting down the miles travelled.”

In what can be a lonely profession, Brian added: “It’s an enjoyable experience seeing more of the public, hearing back from the public.

“We’ll take the criticism if there is any and the good words too.”

The vending machine is kept in a log cabin on

the farm just off of the A76. Parking space available.