The Scottish Government has published its guidance about what you can and cannot do over the festive period.

Up to three households will be allowed to mix over a five-day festive period between December 23 and 27, and travelling between council areas is also permitted during that time period, so that families spread across Scotland and the UK can form a ‘Christmas bubble.

Cumnock Chronicle readers are divided over the proposals with some seeing it as a necessary break to help recuperate from social isolation while others believe it will only cause more damage by allowing the coronavirus to spread.

One reader said: “They’re allowing it but not encouraging it and have asked anyone doing it to behave responsibly. No one has to do it, but for some it may already be a last Christmas.

“They’re not encouraging huge parties just small family get togethers if people feel they really need it.

“There’s so much criticism but to be honest no one has the right answer or the right advice, it’s just trying to do the best in a very bad situation.”

Another said: “Won’t be taking advantage of it as nothing has changed – but I don’t have an isolated family member – if I did I’d be delighted.”

On the other hand, a reader said: “It’s crazy, an invitation for COVID to spread but in all honesty had these new rules not come in how many people would just have ignored the no mixing rule anyway.”

Another shared her thoughts: “Totally defeats the purpose of all the hard work we’ve put in so far.

“And no doubt prolonging the lockdown we will be faced with at the other side.”

One reader commented: “To be fair the government had to do something, it won’t suit everyone but the rules never do. Personally, I’m now looking forward to spending time with family at Christmas.”

According to government guidance, the safest way to spend Yuletide is to refrain from forming a bubble and to stay in your own household, in your own home and in your local area.

But restrictions have been eased to set “outer-boundary limits” for over Christmas.