Kids from the PE with LP fitness group in Mauchline learned about exercising in lockdown this week.

Amber Kerr and Chloe Waddell said: “First, we do a warm- up, then we play fun games like tig, dodgeball, sharks, football and crab ball.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“We also do lots of activities like hula hooping, skipping and tug of war. We have learned the consequences of cheating and how to do a perfect squat. Amber enjoyed tug of war because it is fun and we learn team work.

“Chloe enjoyed the obstacle courses and tug of war because the teamwork was fun.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“It is important to exercise in the current circumstances because if we get put back in lockdown or must isolate, we must be fit and healthy and we get to see friends again.”