Concerns have been raised over the lack of transportation for students from Auchinleck studying at the Barony Campus.

Some parents and grandparents have expressed shock that children will have to either walk the mile and a half journey whatever the weather, or pay for a bus.

One concerned resident said: “[We] are shocked to see the huge volume of children surging out of school and having to walk in all weathers to Auchinleck.

“There is no actual barrier on the pavement just a few bollards on the side of the road. One bit of horseplay or a push and a child is on the road.

“EAC build a big new school with fancy cinema etc and expect vulnerable children to walk in hail rain and snow and sit soaking wet in a classroom all day?”

East Ayrshire Council said they provide free transport to all primary pupils who live more than 1.5 miles from the school and to secondary students more than three miles away. A transport subsidy is also available.

A spokesperson added: “A Safe Routes to School Study was prepared and this resulted in a significant investment in infrastructure to provide a safe, continuous walking route.”