Police were called to Mauchline last week after a driveway night invasion - by cows.

The bovine troublemakers found their way into a couple of properties near the A76 in the village, where they trampled some plants and knocked the lid off a beehive.

The bees were unharmed, fortunately, and residents were pleased to see the animals carefully herded by police who were ‘unexpectedly good cow whisperers’, according to Yvonne Moulds.

Ms Moulds’ told the Chronicle she had no idea about the udder mayhem taking place outside before her neighbour called her.

When she looked out of her window she could see the seven great looming shapes of the farm animals standing in her driveway.

She said: “My dog had been going nuts, but he usually go nuts with the tawny owls.

“I looked out and saw a big black and white cow lumbering past.”

Thankfully the farmer was called and the police kept the animals from going near the main road until he arrived.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “Around 11.10pm on Tuesday, November 3, police were called to assist after cows were found outside a house near to the A76 in Mauchline.

“Officers attended to contain the animals until the farmer arrived.”

Chief Superintendent Faroque Hussain said: “My colleagues...are much more than just crime fighters, they’re everyday problem solvers.”