Councillor Douglas Reid, the leader of East Ayrshire Council, has urged young people in Cumnock to follow the rules in relation to new coronavirus measures.

It came in a statement he made on the partnership between the Cumnock Locality Policing team and the council last week .

The police are collaborating with the council on Operation Ellipse, with officers also working with local business owners to stop antisocial behaviour, which has been increasing lately.

They have been working to disperse groups of antisocial underage drinkers in the Cumnock area.

Councillor Reid said: “It is essential we all work together to protect our communities and save lives.

“I understand that the pandemic has been hard on our young people but it is essential that we all follow the rules and ensure that we get a handle on the number of positive cases within East Ayrshire. In response to the rising infection rates, the First Minister announced a new Strategic Framework for Scotland with a five-tier system of restrictions, starting at Level 0. East Ayrshire is Level 3 and no one wants to enter Level 4, which is very similar to lockdown.

“Working with Police Scotland we are helping to tackle reports of large numbers of young people gathering and associated antisocial behaviour in a number of local communities.

“The Corporate Enforcement Unit has carried out joint patrols, the Licensing team has been working to help stop alcohol being sold to young people and Youth Activity teams have been working in the evenings engaging with young people, finding activities that can help to safely divert them from anti-social behaviour.

“I also would ask that you keep an eye on children and young people and make sure that you know where they are when they leave the house.

“This is a tough time and we all need to continue to work together to tackle COVID-19 infection rates, to protect our families and loved ones as we head into winter.”