The team at Knowe Garden Centre have been busy with the relocation of the World War One centenary memorial from its old position on Well Road.

The memorial now has a new home within the more secure grounds of the Boswell Centre.

The site was installed in time for Remembrance Sunday as a mark of respect.

Kaye Hannah, Garden Centre manager, said: “At its original site near the playpark, it was as if a weed barrier had broken down so there were weeds coming up through it.

“People were lifting bricks and disturbing it so we thought it would be better to move it.

“We’ve got a war memorial bench below the A Frame in the garden at the Boswell Centre so it was a natural place to put it just beside it.

“It was the Barony A Frame anniversary on Sunday, too, so it worked out well.”

The Knowe Garden Centre would like to thank Robert Gemmel, the garden maintenance team supervisor, Gary Parker, a Community Jobs Scotland employee, Meg Sharp, holticulture trainer, and Geo Leishman, another Community Jobs Scotland employee who all carried out fantastic work on the project.