Sorn Community Council have successfully purchased the local phone box from BT and plan to put it to good use for the village.

Ideas for the booth are aplenty with some saying that they’d like to see it converted into a community library, from where locals can exchange books free of charge.

Others have suggested a larder with produce such as homemade jams and preserves made freely available. Amongst the other suggestions are a seed swap, Sorn history site, and also a general information point.

Paddy Wiggins, of the community council, has said that those with a proposal for the booth should get in touch before the next meeting of the council on Tuesday, November 3.

All the suggestions will be reviewed and the most practical and popular choice will be identified by the community council.

There had been some concern that the phone booth would disappear after BT, who managed the phone booth, told East Ayrshire Council earlier this yearthat it was “surplus to requirements”.

Ultimately, Sorn Community Council came forward to save the iconic red phone box from being consigned to the scrapheap.