A nightmare for dentists, the Irn-Bru bars - tangy, stretchy and no doubt loaded with sugar - were a favourite for Scots up and down the country. 

So it comes as no surprise that over the years since their production ended there has been outcry demanding a return.

Petitions have been started, tweets have been made, but alas it seems like the beloved chew bars will not be coming back anytime soon – with Irn-Bru themselves admitting they are “lost - forever”.

YouTuber and BBC star Jamie Genevieve re-ignited the debate over the sweets on Wednesday evening.

She Tweeted: “Hi @irnbru, long time fan.

“I think I speak on behalf of the masses we I beg you to bring back Irn Bru bars.

“We’ve all had a tough year but I think this would make 2020 not so bad. Thanks in advance”.

The official account didn’t respond to Jamie Genevieve directly, but instead she was pointed towards their reply to another famous Scottish face – comedian Daniel Sloss.

In August last year, the Netflix star Tweeted: “What do I have to do for you to bring Irn-Bru bars back?

“They were the greatest thing in existence. I’ll fund it, I swear to god.”

In response, Scotland’s national drink broke hearts – admitting the bars are “lost – forever”.

They explained that the sweets – tangy, chewy, orange bars – were created by the company behind Wham Bars and Highland Toffee.

And what that company no loner in production, the sweets are gone too.

They wrote: “Confession time . We never made Irn-Bru Bars ourselves and don't own the recipe to the bars.

“We licensed out our flavor and name to a now no longer trading Scottish sweetie company.

“The bars are lost - forever.”