A RESTAURANT owner in Sorn has shown great compassion by pardoning the man who broke into her business to steal the cash float.

Rachael McRoberts, who runs the Jaggy Nettle with her partner Jonathan, came into work on the morning of Friday, September 18 to discover that a window on the front door had been smashed and that the money which had been left on site, a paltry £20, had been stolen.

It became apparent who the thief was, but Rachael wishes to keep his identity anonymous to protect his family from judgement.

At first, Rachael admitted that she was fuming and that she wanted the thief to pay for what he had done –and then some. But her attitude changed somewhat after she had time to reflect.

She said: “I think at first when I realised it was him I was so angry and I wanted Jonathan to get hold of him and get him arrested.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“As I got thinking I was like, you know what, everyone has got a past. I don’t know what’s driven this guy to do this. That wasn’t their life plan. They didn’t think I’m gonna go take drugs and rob folk.

“My viewpoint is compassion might make him see to open his eyes a bit and help him out. I did it with good intentions. I felt sorry for him.

“My children are still kids and I don’t know what they’ll do one day. I pray they don’t get into anything like that, but no one knows what’s round the corner. I guess I treated him as I would want others to treat my kids.”

Rachael has said that the man responsible has since come forward and offered to return the money and pay the repair costs for the window.

He explained that he was not in a good place, telling her of a recent break-up and his battle with addiction, and apologised unreservedly for his actions.

Rachael has asked for the man to turn himself into the police and to seek help for his addiction problems.

Fortunately the business was not badly affected by the break in. They have recently hired two new staff members, a former head chef at the Lochside Hotel and a lady who used to run a cafe in Mauchline.