The Cotton Trail Cafe in Catrine is moving premises.

They are shifting operations from their Mill Street site to just round the corner at 16 St Germain Street.

The move will allow them to better cater for takeaways as they anticipate less sit-ins as a result of coronavirus.

Eddie Kleboe manages the cafe alongside his family, including wife Liz Rogers, their daughter Amy Paterson, Liz’s sister Charlie Rogers, and Zoe Clarke who has worked at the cafe for so long that Eddie described her as “one of the family”.

Eddie said: "Where we were was basically a cafe for sit down and didn’t have a facility that lent itself to the COVID situation.

“We had about six members of staff and the space was quite small we could only fit about three tables in with everybody distanced. The move allows us to keep the staff in work instead of having to pay everybody off.”

They will keep hold of the old venue, which Eddie would like to see become a more function-based space, where cooking classes could be conducted.

He also suggested that there would possibly be scope to convert it into a bed and breakfast.

But perhaps most of all, he would like to see it become a shop selling local produce foraged and made by himself.

Eddie said: “I love foraging and I love making jam, it would be great to open up a wee cottage industry selling things like that.”

The shop was due to open this week on Tuesday, September 22 with most of the work being completed on Monday afternoon when we spoke with Eddie.

Eddie said: “We encourage people to phone in and order and then we can text you when it is ready.

“We’d like to welcome everybody back and hope that we can continue to get the support we’ve had so far.”