A CATRINE hair and beauty salon which has been in the village for nearly four years is shutting up shop for good this month after the owner was inspired to follow a new career path during lockdown.

SL Hair and Beauty Studio will close its doors on September 26 after owner Steven Lyle, 24, claims lockdown gave him a fresh perspective on what constitutes a healthy work-life balance and made him want to make a move into the caring profession.

But the Mauchline man, who has already started gaining experience by working as a carer in Ardrossan throughout the coronavirus pandemic, will not be ditching the hair clippers for good.

Having worked in hairdressing for several years, Steven will continue operating his own mobile hairdressing business which he ran before opening the salon.

Steven said: “I took the salon on four years ago and it’s been an absolute roaring success. But over lockdown, it made me realise that there’s more to life than just running a shop.

“I’m only 24 and the shop was consisting of six days a week so only one day a week off. I was working 152 hours single-handedly myself, from six in the morning to midnight. I’m well overdue a break.

“I’ve really fancied being a nurse or a social worker for a long time so I got job as carer during lockdown and I love it. I’m going to go on to do nursing now.”

Steven is looking forward to the challenge ahead.

He said: “It’s been lovely to have all the support and it’s nice to know everyone cares. I’ve made friends for life.”