A FUNDRAISER has been set up for a four-year-old girl from Kirkconnel who is battling a condition that has left her bed-bound after undergoing five operations in the space of just six days.

Keeva Baillie suffers from Chiari Malformation, a condition where the lower part of the brain pushes down into the spinal canal.

Since birth, Keeva has had to overcome various other health conditions as she was born with a hole in her heart.

She has had two heart operations and is still being monitored closely.

Despite the odds being stacked against her, Keeva has been described as a “warrior” by her mum, Jodi Mckie, who has been at her daughter’s constant bedside while she receives treatment at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.

But with concerns growing over the financial impact of making the long journey to the capital every day, locals have decided to set up a justgiving page to support Jodi and to show that they are behind little Keeva every step of the way.

Lisa Black, 36, from Sanquhar, has the same condition as Keeva and runs the page which has raised £2,500 in less than a week.

Lisa said: “I was diagnosed with the condition when I was 27 and I’ve been in and out of hospital since I was born so I know what Keeva’s going through. It’s like looking at myself when I was younger.

“Everyone knows everyone in the area so we really come together at times like this. Jodi not having to stress about money may be a huge help.”

Jodi says being in and out of theatre has “traumatised” her daughter but that her positive, bounce-back attitude keeps the family going.

The mum-of-three also needs to be on hand to care for her son, Conlan, seven, who has Type 1 diabetes and daughter, Kerryn, 20 months, who has severe iron deficiency.

Cumnock Chronicle: Keeva with siblings Kerryn and Conlan.Keeva with siblings Kerryn and Conlan.

Jodi explained: “Keeva has had brain surgery and three lumber drains in her spine. Her wee body doesn’t get a break but she doesn’t lie down to it. It’s a waiting game to see how her body’s going to react so we’re just living hour to hour.

“I’m spending so much money getting food deliveries as well toys for her. There’s no WIFI in the hospital either so I’m buying data trying to keep her entertained with Netflix.

“It’s stuff you don’t even think about that costs you an absolute fortune.

“With COVID as well it’s very restricted for visitors so the only way I get to see my other kids is doing a swap-over with my mum.

“My son is taking it hard with Keeva in hospital and is taking loads of hypos because of it. It’s a strain here but they have medical needs at home as well. It’s horrendous.”

As September marks Chiara Malformation Awareness Month, the fundraiser has come at an important time, and Jodi says she has been overwhelmed by the donations from locals and small businesses.

She said: “The amount raised so far is amazing. I also changed my Facebook icon to purple which is the colour for Chiari Malformation and suddenly my whole Facebook went purple with people changing their profile pictures.

“That alone means more to me than money.”

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