Residents of Scaur Glen near Sanquhar have expressed their anger at the developers of a proposed wind farm over concerns for housing and business in the area.

Community Windpower Ltd have purchased three historic properties in the area close to the Sanquhar II wind farm site, which they plan to leave empty for forty years, the working life of the wind farm.

One of the properties was a provider of holiday accommodation and the group opposing the wind farm development say they were horrified to learn of the losses to an already depleted housing stock.

They’ve described the acts of CWL as “the 21st century clearances”, pointing out that the population levels are already half of what they were in 1971.

A Scaur Glen resident said: “Our local community is appalled to hear that CWL has bought up houses in order to remove objections to the project, and that these houses will remain empty for the lifetime of the wind farm - 40 years.

“We strongly support any project that would bring sustainable local employment, a future for our young people, and enhance and preserve our community. However, I believe that the level of investment needed could be much better used to address the urgent need for renewable energy and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

“Wind power is a hugely variable energy source: when the wind doesn’t blow no power is made. I would urge all that care for the countryside and rural economy to lodge objection.”

A local community councillor said: “With this apparent attempt to muzzle objection, together with other flagrant inaccuracies in their additional information document, CWL have gone too far”, and described CWL’s version of community consultation as “a travesty”.

CWL were invited to respond, but have not yet done so.