Residents in Catrine have formed a volunteer group with the aim of preventing the takeover of the Cevic Centre by East Ayrshire Council.

The group, Save the Cevic, have issued a petition for residents to sign, opposing the takeover.

Last week they went door to door on the streets of the East Ayrshire village seeking signatures of support.

So far, the online version of the petition has received more than 300 signatures and there are 440 signed pysical letters at the time of writing.

We reported last month how the council plans to convert the Cevic centre into a nursery to replace the existing one on Newton Street.

The application received many objections, with many residents believing the current nursery is more than adequate and that the Cevic should be preserved to serve the function for which it was established 16 years ago.

Questions were raised over the motives for moving the nursery, with the suggestion being that once the nursery is moved, the Newton street site could be sold off.

A spokesperson for the Save the Cevic group said: “There has been no discussion or agreement by the local community.

“The Save the Cevic group have requested an immediate stop to East Ayrshire Council’s plans and an urgent formal and public investigation into the operation, management and financial practices of the Catrine Community Trust.”

The Catrine Cevic Centre (Community Education and Visitors Centre) was closed in 2018, with the Catrine Community Trust, citing lack of funds as a reason for closing.

It was funded by East Ayrshire Council and various charity and private organisations.

The Cevic project involved refurbishing and extending a large Victorian manse and adjoining Chapel to create a heritage centre where locals could learn about their industrial heritage. It offered an external education facility for local children and a community cafe offering affordable food to locals.