People in Ayrshire trying to book a coronavirus test have been left shocked to find their nearest available centre is in Northern Ireland.

A 'major spike' in demand for COVID-19 testing has seen the First Minister announce three new mobile testing units and increased capacity at regional sites.

But worried individuals trying to get tested have been sent up to Inverclyde or reportedly told to go as far away as Wales by the test booking system.

Scottish Government statistics shows a large spike in demand for tests on Sunday.

Nicola Sturgeon said 'technical issues' with the online booking system were being resolved.

A woman from Ayr was reportedly told to travel to Belfast for her grandson's test.

Cumnock Chronicle: Ayrshire Weekly Press tested the site with a North Ayrshire post code.Ayrshire Weekly Press tested the site with a North Ayrshire post code.

Ms Sturgeon said: "We have always known that there will be fluctuations in demand for testing. That's why we have contingency plans in place and these contingency plans are already being activated."

The new mobile testing units will have an increased capacity of between 1,200 and 1,500 tests a day, and Ms Sturgeon said NHS Scotland facilities will have additional capacity to help manage local demand.

COVID-19 testing in Scotland has risen since April 1 with a huge spike in demand on July 6 leading to rocketing demand.

There are, on average, 14,000 tests being carried out each day across the country.

The Scottish Government have also announced plans for 11 walk-through test centres.

Ms Sturgeon said the issues with locals being directed to travel great distances for a test 'shouldn't be happening' and that these techincal issues will be 'sorted as quickly as possible'.