Cumnock JUNIORS FC have taken the decision to promote an important cause through their home and away strips this season after

choosing a local charity which supports and comforts families in Ayrshire and Arran through the loss of their child.

The away jersey is sponsored by five local businesses, Resolute Financial Advisers, Charlesfort, Kerr & Smith, King’s Homes and WR Accountants.

But as with last year, the club is intent on championing one special charity which has a positive effect on individuals throughout Ayrshire by promoting their logo on the front of the kit and via the club’s various social media outlets.

This season, The Nock have pledged their support for ‘Memories are Better than Dreams’, a charity which aims to help families make special memories with their children towards the end of their lives and following their deaths.

Every year, a number of children die in Ayrshire and Arran leaving families devastated.

Having a child with a long-term condition is very stressful for families and places a considerable financial strain on them with parents often having to give up work to care for their child, making it very difficult for the family to provide opportunities to make lasting memories of their child.

‘Memories are Better than Dreams’ provide memory-making activities, headstones for the child, special memory boxes and remembrance items such as necklaces of handprints.

The charity also assures that the help is always tailored to each individual family in order to fulfil their wishes.

A spokesperson for Cumnock Juniors FC said: “The Nock is delighted to support this very worthy charity and to promote its valuable work.

“Thank you again to the five businesses and we hope to promote the charity as much as we can.”

The home top is sponsored by Glencairn Estates, a joint venture company formed by two previous club sponsors, King’s Homes and Charlesfort Properties.

The strips are now on

sale from Donsport in Cumnock.

For more information about the charity, please visit