A PUPPY farm in Sorn has been uncovered with dogs living in horrific conditions. 

At least five West Highland Terriers have been spotted living outside in a muddy shed in what campaigners say is an illegal and unlicensed operation.

The dogs are said to be siblings and as a result of inbreeding have left puppies with debilitating conditions.

Of a recent litter two puppies died, whilst four others have serious health issues.

Animal welfare officers have confirmed they are investigating the site the farm.

Group Cruelty Exposed say the owner of the dogs is using them as a “nest egg for retirement” with each pup being sold for £650.

Jan who runs the group told the Chronicle: “We were made aware of this two weeks ago.

“We know his intention is to breed dogs.

“East Ayrshire Council have confirmed that the premises does not have a licence.

 "Of six puppies that were recently born, two have died and the other have significant health problems.”

Louise Elder, 37, from Drongan had visited the farm on several occasions to see her friend’s horses.

But she was horrified when she saw the conditions the animals were being kept in.

She said: “I couldn’t believe the living conditions they were in. They were couped up in a shed.

“My friend had asked me to go up to help clip them and get the matts off them.”

“The dogs were extremely matted you couldn’t tell the difference between the girls and the boys they were that bad.

“They’ve never been outside; they were extremely under socialised and they didn’t know how to respond to people.

“It was horrific to see the state of them.”  

The Chronicle contacted East Ayrshire Council.

Scottish SPCA chief superintendent, Mike Flynn, said: “As this is an ongoing investigation, we are unable to comment at this time.”

The Chronicle has also contacted the owner of the puppy farm.