A group out of Cumnock has united community members who have been showing tremendous support during the COVID crisis.

The Lovely Nutty Knitting Club has been running for the past four years, but in the last few months their membership has rocketed from 8 to 50 people.

The group, an offshoot of the St Johns 0 to 100 Social Group has been connecting people through the power of knitting, with everything being produced going to causes that need it.

This week, they’ve made a donation to Crosshouse Hospital of mask extensions, baby blankets, incubator blankets, hats, mitts, booties, cardigans, bonding squares for premature babies and special white blankets and angel suits for the bereavement room.

Cumnock Chronicle:

Marian Mcghee, the administrator of the group said that the group was not only providing much needed resources for hospitals and care homes but that the group in itself was a fantastic way to aid community cohesion.

She said: “It’s lovely because everyone’s been wanting to give something back and the quality of the stuff everyone’s producing is incredible.

Cumnock Chronicle: The group in times before physical distancing.The group in times before physical distancing.

“We talk online and chat amongst ourselves in the group and so in that way it has been a really good social connection for everyone, it’s a lovely wee community. It’s been great for people’s sanity whilst we’ve all been locked down.”

Despite being offered money back for their expenses on knitting materials most members have declined to take up the offer and have in fact offered money to Marian and the group so that they can finance more knitting projects.

Cumnock Chronicle: