CATRINE Community Council presented retiring AM Brown Institute caretaker Johnny Anderson with a print of his former workplace back in 2017.

The long-serving caretaker spent 19 years at the institute And the community council decided to commemorate the occasion.

Iain McCulloch, community council chairman, said: “Johnny has served the village for 19 years as the caretaker and always greeted anyone visiting the institute with a smile.

“Catrine Community Council were keen to show their appreciation of Johnny’s service and dedication to the village over many years. He was presented with a beautiful print of the AM Brown Institute.

“The community council have recently had a number of new members joining up and are now in a healthy position to do their best for the village through hard work and dedication.

“We now organise the hanging baskets for the village, as well as ensuring we have a Christmas tree erected in the AM Brown Institute and the village square.

“We are now looking at a project to tidy up the village square as well as organising the village’s Christmas extravaganza for 2017.

“We would like to thank all elected members of the Ballochmyle Ward for their invaluable support over the last year.”