An ex-squash champion is seeking an estranged family member who he has not seen in 60 years.

Thomas Nicol Erskine last saw his cousin Isobel Erskine when he visited her family in Ayr in 1960.

Now 83-years-old and living in Australia, Thomas is hoping to find his cousin. It is believed she moved to Cumnock when she married.

Laura Armstrong, the current resident of Isobel Erskine’s old house in Ayr received a letter in the post from Thomas, who sent his message on the off-chance that the person living there might have some information on his cousin’s whereabouts.

Laura said: “It was nice receiving the letter and it would be really good if we could find Isobel or even her children.

“My downstairs neighbour and their daughter remember the family well. They think Isobel must be nearly 80 now and are pretty sure she moved to Cumnock when she got married. The surname Nairn rings a bell with them and may possibly be her married name.”

Thomas, who was born in Edinburgh, moved to Africa in 1938 with his family where they lived in the unrecognised state of Rhodesia, modern day Zimbabwe. There he went on to become a champion squash player in 1965.

He is married to Gay Erskine, who herself was extremely well decorated for her achievements on the squash court, having been crowned Rhodesian champion12 times, as well as winning the South African Championships three times.