TWO young families are running scared from a plague of rats that have taken over a neighbourhood in Patna.

Four streets of the village have reported the vermin – with mums Elann Boyce, 37 and Kirsty Kirkwood, 33, living in fear that they will bite their young children.

Kirsty has told how she has seen rats as big as cats that she believes are emanating from a neighbouring house.

Cumnock Chronicle: Various traps have been used to ensnare the rats.Various traps have been used to ensnare the rats.

The mums have been trying their best to fight the rodents but are losing the war as more continue to appear despite traps capturing several of them.

Kirsty said: “I have seen about 10 of them.

“I go to put the washing out and they are running by me. I saw one out of the back door and I thought it was a cat.

“They seem to be coming from a house at the back which has loads of huts in the garden and trees.

“There’s barbed wire up round the fence with danger signs as well.”

Cumnock Chronicle: Elann has a seven-month-old baby boy.Elann has a seven-month-old baby boy.Elann is worried for her seven month old baby, with Kirsty too scared to let her six-year-old boy and two twin boys out in the garden.

She said: “My biggest fear is that they get bitten or end up ill.

“My boys wouldn’t know what to do and would probably go up to one if they saw him.

“I am feart to open my windows or doors.

“Every time I go out to the shops, I’m on high alert looking around me.

“Elann found one when she opened the bin lid that just jumped out at her.

“They have been on my step. How long will it be before they are actually come into my house.”

Cumnock Chronicle: Some were found in bins.Some were found in bins.

Kirsty and Elann have both complained to the council but she feels no one is taking them seriously as other neighbours are asking them to sort it out.

Elann has already caught some in traps, but Kirsty

has been left baffled by the decision by Environmental Health officers to leave poison.

She added: “I don’t feel anyone is taking it seriously.

“Environmental Health has put poison on the

hedges – but they just run past it, there’s loads of cats here and they just seem to run past.”

East Ayrshire Council have confirmed they received reports of an infestation of rats and said their pest control officers were carrying out treatment.