A SEVEN-year-old boy from Cumnock has been accepted into the Pre-Junior Conservatoire of Music programme at Dumfries House after wowing judges with a modern ballet dance to the Fortnite soundtrack and doing the floss at his audition.

Ollie Auld, of Greenmill PS, has only been attending PA Dance Academy for two years but mum Pauline says he’s “very excited” about starting in September.

Pauline Auld, also owner of the Dance Academy, said: “It was a Zoom audition and the judges put on three pieces of music for the kids to do what was natural to them. Ollie started flossing and doing Fortnite dancing to classical ballet so they must’ve seen potential.

“It’s trying to get over the stigma that it’s cool for boys to dance. Fortnite has brought that out because there are so many dances that boys can move to.

“Ollie’s training is all about being strong rather than stereotypically floating about. He’s very excited.”