Public opinion is being sought on the best way to spend the £555,000 funding secured by the council for active travel.

Last week, we reported that the council had been successful in securing money from the Spaces for People programme designed to support temporary infrastructure and backed by the Scottish Government and Sustrans Scotland.

Web pages have been created on the Sustrans Spaces for People website through which residents of East Ayrshire can leave their comments on the current proposals put forward by the council.

They can also suggest any locations in which they think improvements could be made in relation to physical distancing for people who are walking, cycling or wheeling.

Priority areas for temporary pavement widening and enhanced waiting areas will be considered at:

  • Pharmacies and health centres
  • Key services and public buildings
  • Access to shops
  • Access to schools
  • Pinch points on pavements

Other measures could include:

  • Selective road closures using planters or cones
  • Reallocating road space for wider footways
  • Reallocating road space for cycle tracks
  • Reallocating parking and loading
  • Reduced speed limits and/or traffic calming measures
  • Cycle parking

Kevin Braidwood, interim head of roads for Ayrshire Roads Alliance, said: “We are looking forward to receiving suggestions and comments from our residents about how physical distancing can be made easier and safer for everyone who uses our streets, schools, bus stops and cycle lanes.

"Although we won’t be able to implement every request or recommendation we receive, we need our residents’ input to identify areas where physical distancing is most difficult. We can then direct the funding to where it is needed most. I would encourage everyone to take part and have their say.”

Residents can learn more about or comment on plans by visiting the website at