TEAM members at the Scottish SPCA's Ayrshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre are to attempt 30km in 30 days... and are planning to do the challenge dressed in inflatable T-rex costumes.

Assisstant manager of the centre Lynda Hourston and animal care assisstant Cara McDonald will be aiming to complete the challenges during August.

Lynda said: “We decided to do some of the distance dressed as dinosaurs because, as well as raising money for an important cause, we wanted to spread some much-needed joy in these strange times.

Cumnock Chronicle: The animal welfare charity has not had to deal with dinosaurs before.The animal welfare charity has not had to deal with dinosaurs before.

“Neither of us can run the length of ourselves (we are both quite short, so that’s not very far at all) so running without wearing an inflatable dinosaur suit is a challenge in itself.

“Combined we have worked for the Scottish SPCA for 29 years. Every day is different, there are happy endings and sad days seeing neglect and cruelty first-hand. Days where we laugh till we cry and days when we sometimes just cry.  

“The Scottish SPCA is a cause very close to our hearts, so we really hope everyone will get behind this challenge by either signing up themselves or sponsoring someone they know.

“If you see us out and about, give us a wave and hopefully we make you smile!”

They’ve named their team the Danger Lizards.

The Scottish SPCA recently announced its Pound for Paws event with Olympian Laura Muir. 

Scotland’s animal welfare charity has a long-standing relationship with the 2018 European champion middle distance runner and qualified vet.

Pound for Paws with Laura Muir will be running for the month of August 2020. To find out more or sign up for the event, please visit

To sponsor the Danger Lizards please visit: