Glenafton Athletic boss Craig McEwan says the COVID-19 pandemic has put football into perspective.

McEwan, who is a senior manager for recruitment consultancy Search which specialises in recruitment for the health and social care industry, has been working throughout the pandemic.

He said: “Since the football season was cut short my work has exploded in the health and social care sector.

“The first five to six weeks were tough with the demand greater due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s been a tough 18 weeks because you know you are placing workers into the frontline and they are witnessing on a daily basis the tragedy that is unfolding across the country with the amount of deaths caused due to the virus.

“For me it has certainly put things into perspective. Of course we miss training together but there are bigger things happening in the world than us playing football.”

“I have been working Monday – Friday non-stop in the health industry across the country, and not only trying to plan for the season ahead with Glenafton and recruit new players but also trying to entertain three children during the day so it has not been easy.”

Despite the daily pressures of working in the health and social care industry during the midst of a global pandemic, McEwan, is looking forward to returning to training.

Organisers of the West of Scotland Football League have announced that clubs can resume training from Monday, July 20, provided they meet safety protocol.

He said: “For people’s health and wellbeing it’s crucial to have football back. It’s all very well to go runs and do individual sessions but nothing beats getting on the field and kicking a ball with your teammates.”

“For players and management who have been in the game for a while it’s difficult to have it one day and then the next you don’t have any football and we know it can be a great distraction and escape. It will also be a huge boost for supporters from a social perspective.”

He added: “It’s important that the return to football is done in the right and safe manner.”