Cumnock has been revealed as the most affordable place to buy a home in Scotland, and the second most affordable across the UK, according to data released today.

Property website Zoopla has analysed average property prices alongside average earnings in more than 1,000 towns to reveal their price to earning ratio.

Cumnock turned out to be the second most afforable place to settle in the UK with an average property price of £74,000.

Gross annual earnings per person in Cumnock average at £31,000, equating to a 2.39 price to earnings ratio to buy a property in this area.

Property experts at Zoopla said: "The beautiful town of Cumnock in Ayrshire has a strong industrial heritage, with the town centre boasting stunning views of Crichton Church, built using orange and red stone - perfect for weekend exploring."

You can find a property for sale in Cumnock priced at just £40,000, such as this two bedroom flat on Car Road below.

Cumnock Chronicle: Credit: Zoopla.Credit: Zoopla.

That's not all, Mauchline also featured in the top 10, with a 2.8 price to earnings ratio, putting it in ninth place across the UK.

The average property price in Mauchline is £79,000, with average annual earnings the same as in Cumnock.

In fact, Ayrshire towns featured in the top 20 most affordable places seven times.

Girvan ranked in fifth place, Stevenston came in seventh, Irvine nabbed the thirteenth spot, Kilwinning ranked sixteenth and Maybole came in behind at seventeenth place.

Cumnock was also the third cheapest place for the space inside a home, at £847 per square metre.

Cumnock Chronicle: Credit: Zoopla.Credit: Zoopla.

Commenting on the analysis, Tom Parker, consumer expert at Zoopla says: “With the UK housing market opening up again, we know, now more than ever, that it’s important for buyers or potential buyers to know where they can get the most for their money when purchasing a property.

"With budgets tighter than usual, we want to ensure that buying a property is still attainable - even during these unprecedented times. 

“Lockdown has resulted in a shift in the way we work, as more employers are allowing their employees to work from home for the foreseeable - and as a result, our property priorities are changing.

"The desire for greater indoor and outdoor space and fewer people having to commute into the office means that the property field is larger and more achievable than ever before - so make use of the analysis and find out a suitable, but most importantly affordable, location to find your dream home.”

Check out Zoopla's full report here.