AN 82-YEAR-OLD who was deemed too frail for a ventilator has beaten coronavirus after 57 days in hospital.

Annie Muir, from New Cumnock, finally returned home last week after a brave battle with COVID-19 which saw her spend weeks receiving treatment and rehabilitation.

Her family welcomed her back with an emotional celebration as she arrived home last week.

The great gran was first taken into Ayr hospital on Thursday, May 7 by ambulance after it was confirmed she had coronavirus following tests.

Annie’s daughter Jean told the Chronicle: “We visited her at the start of lockdown from the garden.

“At that time, she wasn’t showing any symptoms at all – she just had a urine infection.

“But she became really ill, feeling really lethargic.

“It wasn’t a nice thing to hear, it was horrible. At 82, she was too frail for a ventilator, the risks outweighed the positives.

Annie, who has three great grandchildren, six grandchildren and is mother to Jean, Alex and Rhona, spent time at Station 16 at Ayr Hospital being treated with other COVID-19 patients.

She was then moved to Station 12, before being transferred to the Biggart in Prestwick for a further three weeks for rehabilitation to then be allowed home.

Jean has hailed the amazing hospital staff – particularly for allowing them to see brave Annie through video calls whilst hospital visits were suspended.

Jean said: “The nurses and doctors were all fantastic. We can’t thank them enough. They let us keep in touch with her using Facetime on a tablet.

“When she was allowed out to the Biggart, we had a peace of mind.”

Annie arrived home on Friday, July 3 and was delighted to see her family again.

Jean added: “It was a great feeling to see our mum back.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but she was looking a lot better.

“She said hello to everyone, she was blowing everyone kisses.

“It’s not every day an 82-year-old beats coronavirus – we’re all so proud of her.”


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