A DRONGAN woman is furious about an ant infestation in her home which has been neglected by the council for three years.

Every summer, the resident at Garrowhill Drive is plagued by ants which crawl over food, worktops and personal items, causing huge distress to her and her two daughters, aged five and eight.

Despite constant calls to the council for help, the woman says she has received little assistance.

She said: “It’s happened three years in a row and the council are doing nothing about it. They keep giving me traps, gel and powder but nothing works.

“My wee girl had a can of Irn Bru sitting out not even for an hour and we had to throw it out because there were hundreds crawling all over it.

“The nest could be anywhere, in the walls or underneath the house but the council haven’t looked for it. ”

She added: My wee girl has nightmares about the ants and is scared to sleep in case they’re crawling all over her. It doesn’t make it any better that my partner’s got depression and anxiety.

“The council don’t realise how much it’s affecting us. They said lockdown was the reason at first, but what’s been the excuse the past two years?”

Paul Todd Regulatory Services Manager, East Ayrshire Council, said: “We are aware of a persistent infestation of ants at this property and have tried several methods of eradication.

“A further treatment visit is scheduled for Wednesday, June 24, at which time investigations will also consider the possibility of the infestation originating under the concrete floor of the property. We will continue to work to clear this infestation.”


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