Local bowling clubs have been reacting to the further easing of lockdown measures, with some raring to get back to the sport while others are hesitant about stricter guidelines.

Muirkirk Bowling Club says that although outdoor sports can resume, they are remaining closed until the pubs reopen as this is the club’s main source of income.

George Park, Match Secretary, said: “Once the bowling has finished we normally have a karaoke and a few drinks but we’re losing that revenue now so it’s costing us.

“It’s a sad time but we’re surviving. I’m guessing maybe mid-July we could get the green open for a couple of months.”

The club says that stricter guidelines set out by Bowls Scotland make it difficult for them to reopen. The rules state that toilets must remain closed, a booking system must be in place and that members can only play with up to two other households.

George said: “The guidance is that club facilities should remain closed but we need access to club house to get bowls in and out. It’s nonsense.

“How can you wash your hands if the club house isn’t open? We’d have to sanitise the jack, bowls and mats before picking them up too.”

Elsie Aitken, at Dalmellington Bowling Club, said: “It was great to hear that restrictions have been lifted a little, and I have been up for a couple of games recently, with appropriate social distancing measures in place.

“I don’t expect it will be easy to adjust to the new normal, but we’ll all be happy to have the social aspect back.”


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