A LOCAL artist has unveiled new artwork centred on what he believes to be the illegal shooting of red deer in woods on the outskirts of Auchinleck.

Brian Carey, who describes himself as a contemporary/conceptual human rights artist, found a deer carcass last week at Gilmilnscroft Forestry, near Glenshamrock Farm.

Brian claims a local shooting syndicate are responsible for the killings and that they are breaking the law by killing out of season red deer.

He has been pursuing the matter for three months but this time had physical evidence of the deceased animal, which he rescued to use in his latest artwork.

Brian hopes it will shock people into action over the alleged crimes.

He said: “I hope some good will come out of the carcass being used this way instead of being killed for nothing or for fun.

“On the sign, it says ‘the syndicate has killed out of season red deer’ but the photo I’ve got is of roe deer.

“People are saying they don’t want to look at it but you can’t ignore wrongdoing.

“It’s powerful to look at and that’s the point I’m trying to get across.”

“I found the roe when I was out for a walk – it had a clear bullet wound and had been dismembered, most likely to hide that it was an out of season female deer.”

He claimed: “I know the syndicate had been there two days prior to that shooting in the woods.

“I’m constantly finding innards of deer and deer heads flung in at the side of road.”

The Scottish government website states that the close seasons for female red and roe deer are February 16 – October 20 and April 1 – October 20 respectively.

Brian said: “One woman who lives in the country with her child said the guys had appeared camouflaged up with rifles but they hadn’t been notified when the shootings were taking place.

“She said she was worried sick about her boy.”

He claimed: “I’ve stopped the syndicate from discharging where they shouldn’t have been firing. They were going to take a shot at a deer but I stopped them and pointed out there were residential areas, a road and a bus yard up ahead.”

RTS Forestry, the woodland managers at Glenshamrock, said: “RTS Forestry take animal welfare very seriously. We are concerned about the accusations being made and have contacted the local police. Our tenant is undertaking deer control with relevant Scottish Natural Heritage Authorisations.

“The carcass left at the forest entrance was not shot by our tenant.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “A report was received raising concerns about a deer carcass found near Auchinleck on Friday, June 12.

“Officers attended and it was established no crime had taken place.”

No local shooting syndicate could be reached for comment by the time the Chronicle went to press.


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