Residents in Dalmellington are angry over a hazardous burst drain which has been an ongoing issue in the area for 10 years.

Residents of Merrick Drive, located off Bellsbank Road, have raised fresh concerns over the burst drain after raw sewage and other foul smelling liquids collecting in the communal entrance of the four-in-a-block property continue to pose a serious health risk to both residents and passers-by.

Ellen Orr, whose elderly parents live at the property, said: “It’s been an ongoing problem for at least 10 years. My mum fell a few years ago and broke her collarbone on it, the guy upstairs has fallen and other neighbours have slipped, too.

“It runs on to the main road so in the winter it freezes over, causing cars to skid. People cross the road to avoid walking through it.

“We’ve been out with bleach trying to keep the smell away but it gathers like a big pool at the gate so everyone in the block is affected. We’re paying full rent and council tax to basically live in a swamp.”

Residents say they have contacted East Ayrshire Council, Shire Housing Association, Ayrshire Roads Alliance and Environmental Health but with little luck.

Ellen said: “We’ve been reporting it to the council for years but they just keep panning us off. When my mum fell, we contacted them again and they kept saying they’d send someone out but nobody ever appeared.”

One resident, whose nine-month-old grandson lives at the property, said: “Nobody ever investigates it. We had Environmental Health out and I’m positive they found sewage in the water but then they denied it.

“I fear I may need to move in future because it’s treacherous. My daughter has to trail the pram through it and we’re scared we might bring an infection into the house.”

Kevin Braidwood, Interim Head of Roads, Ayrshire Roads Alliance said: “We are aware of this problem. The groundwater is emanating from within the curtilage of Shire Housing property.

“We will raise the matter once more with Shire Housing and we have issued a works line so that our team can carry out some works to avoid seepage across the whole footway.

“Our Environmental Health Team will also carry out an investigation to see whether any enforcement action can be taken.”