A GROUP of Ochiltree volunteers have been making sure the village is being kept clean and tidy during lockdown.

Volunteers have been cutting and trimming communal grassy areas and even assisted the community village project ‘Spoonsville’, a fun display for local children, by tidying up the spot around it.

The group is helping to ease pressure on the council at a time when their services are stretched.

David Reid, local resident and Green Cutter volunteer, said: “We’ve been doing a lot of things and now it’s just mushroomed. We’ve taken on some stuff the council couldn’t do at this time just to keep the place tidy.

“Many of us are furloughed and have nothing else to do, plus it’s been great weather. People have come out to give us a hand, like a couple of young boys who offered their own grass cutting machinery like lawn mowers and hedge cutters.

“They did a really great job, I can’t emphasise that enough. People can chime in if they want to as a bit of mutual aid.

“It’s made Ochiltree a great village to stay in during this time.”

Much like Ochiltree’s Gritter Gang, which was formed in 2018, the Green Cutters are one of the community resilience groups who have come together to do their bit during the COVID-19 crisis.

Dedicated volunteers have also been litter-picking and planting daffodils at the village entrance.

Margo Crolley, community worker at Vibrant Communities, said: “What’s happening in Ochiltree is absolutely fantastic. When we said to the guys that the council might not be able to get out to cut the grass, they said ‘no problem’.

“The team have been social distancing so going out at different times and organising between themselves what day to do. They have also planted seeds and

flowers so Ochiltree is really in bloom.

“Families and people who are retired or have been furloughed have gone out litter-picking and planting, too.

“They’re really feeling the benefit of doing something for their community and making a positive out of a negative. People out their daily walk have really seen a difference.

“The Green Cutters wanted to do their bit for the area and are continuing that even through a pandemic.

“We’re very lucky to have them.”


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